A Refreshing Twist on a Classic French Dessert

Introducing a unique variation of the classic French vacherins, our Sparkling Mango Vacherin recipe brings a refreshing twist to the table. Instead of the usual ice cream filling, we use a luscious and tangy mango cream infused with sparkling wine. This delightful combination with the vacherin base is perfect for those looking for a refreshing treat, particularly during the warmer seasons.

Master the Art of Precision

Attention, experienced cooks! Before diving into this exquisite dessert, we strongly recommend having prior experience of its creation. This recipe demands utmost accuracy, requiring a solid foundation in working with meringue and bavarois-based dishes. Familiarity with crafting macarons will greatly assist in honing the precision necessary for this culinary masterpiece.

Fear not, as we provide step-by-step instructions and accompanying videos to guide you through the process. However, we acknowledge that our sample vacherin presentation could be improved, signalling the high learning curve involved. Consider this recipe a true test of your culinary skills, one that rewards those who appreciate meticulous attention to detail.

Join us on this journey when you possess the necessary expertise and a deep love for culinary precision. Brace yourself for the challenge, as this Sparkling Mango Vacherin is definitely one of our more advanced creations.


Our Mango Cream Vacherin is a true showstopper, guaranteed to steal the spotlight at any gathering or special occasion.

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