The many fragments of our Vision

Sage Blue is the beginning of a community that aims to connect the old teachings from China and India and most importantly, make them available.

Genuine learning on a high-end level, personal exploration, and the preservation of passed on knowledge from countless generations are the essential avenues through which we authentically intend to engage with the world. Our vision implies offering a platform free from unnecessary distractions, offering you content that is well researched and easy to digest as well as professional tutorials for your training and curiosity. We represent a lifestyle of endless learning, teaching, and sharing.

We want to build a community that seeks to engage and deeply connect with the internal and external arts as they are without mystifying or overly complicating them.

mosaic [ moh路zey路ik ]

noun : is a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile, glass, or other materials. It also metaphorically implies a combination of diverse elements forming a more complete, unified whole.

kaleidoscope [kuh路lai路duh路skowp]

noun : a succession of symmetrical designs by means of mirrors reflecting the constantly changing patterns made by small bits of colored glass or paper. It can refer to a complex, colorful, and rapidly changing pattern or scene.

What is

SageBlue is an ever-changing kaleidoscope, filled with knowledge inherited from ancient and enduring martial arts traditions. We are delicately intertwining the threads of the flowing harmony of Daoism and the introspective wisdom of the Vedic traditions, thereby crafting a path of self-discovery that balances the mind and challenges all of us to look beyond.

But that is not all.... is not only a self-contained and ever-evolving project that operates within a closed circle of husband and wife, it is a lifestyle! By registering for a plan that aligns with your needs, you maintain complete control over your actions, ensuring that you are never compelled to engage in any undesired activities or distracted by advertisements.

Our platform and tools are designed to be uncomplicated and free from any hidden agendas. We are not driven by the intention to increase our cross-selling rates by benefitting from affiliates or other services.; rather, our goal is to inspire a collective awakening on the internet, encouraging you to contribute and become part of a growing learning community.

By sharing our ongoing learning experiences, we invite you to get on a journey of self-cultivation alongside us. We document our findings not only in a scientific manner but also with the warmth of a trusted friend, eager to share our interests and show you what resonates with us.

Our Promise is an unbiased and authentic approach to building an online community with truth and genuineness as our core values

Broad in Scope

It is a vast project which may seem chaotic at first 鈥 but this is precisely what we want! We want you to look closer and connect the strings. Get confused and challenged to find the questions you have been looking for!
Chaos always resolves itself.

馃彯馃摐 Vedic and Daoist Remedies 馃摐馃獢

Our commitment to creating an invaluable archive, featuring the most precious traditions from the old times, is what represents. Engaging in precise research of early teachings, we distil these into comprehensible and systematically organized lessons, making comprehension a smooth process.

Our dedication is persistent as we ourselves seek the essence of Daoist and Vedic teachings. Each teaching is carefully transformed, piece by piece, into a deeply researched and well-organised article, designed to illuminate and educate.

馃幀馃 Video Content 馃徆馃幀

Through our visually stunning and professionally curated video content, we offer you a rich learning experience in the Daoist and Vedic martial arts. Our journey has taken us to the very heartlands of these traditions, China and India, where we've gained authentic knowledge from the source over years of dedicated practice of those arts.

Leveraging our years of experience in mastering and structuring martial arts learning, our goal is to streamline your journey of discovery, as we appreciate the rigour inherent in the training process. With, we're committed to delivering an engaging, and accessible platform for you to learn the core of these time-honoured martial arts.

馃尶馃尀 Art of Healing 馃寳 馃崈

No matter where you find yourself in the world, we're here to navigate the wide landscape of healing herb knowledge for you. At, we distil essential information on potent medicinal herbs from a range of traditions鈥Traditional European Medicine (TEM), Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), and the enduring practice of Ayurveda. Not only do we compile crucial facts, but we also highlight commonalities and demystify key concepts within these systems. 

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these diverse healing practices, bridging ancient wisdom with modern accessibility.

馃帴 馃帪锔 Professional Camera Handling 馃幀 馃摲

Our complexity of martial and ancient healing arts, as well as cultural traditions, is expanded by valuable insights into photography and cinematography. We have gathered lots of experience with exotic lenses, the actual secrets of image composition and professional motion pictures. We immerse ourselves in the artistry and craftsmanship of our visual storytelling, and we generously want to share our expertise in capturing awe-inspiring images and crafting mesmerising videos.

Gathering all this experience of handling cameras and lenses took us over 10 years. We are offering you easy-to-digest content at whether you yearn to explore the boundless fields of artistic expression or learn about commercial products. Here at you'll receive courses and written content that delivers professional-level training, empowering you to wield cameras with finesse deftly.

馃懇馃徎鈥嶐煃仇煡 Daoist Dishes, Sattvic Food & French Tarts 馃馃懆馃徎鈥嶐煃

We will take you on culinary odysseys that traverse continents, unearthing extraordinary flavours and crafting extravagant recipes from the world's culinary complexity. With most of our recipes, we aim to transport you to far-off lands, tantalizing your taste buds with vibrant spices, exotic ingredients, and imaginative combinations. With others, we might archive simple recipes originating from Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Guidelines for eating.

Our aim is to encourage you to embrace the pleasure of culinary exploration and undertake a journey of inquiry into flavours and traditional recipes. This journey may be undertaken for both enjoyment and therapeutic purposes.

... and who is behind all this ?

Driven by eternal Love

Our mission is simple yet profound: to bring a piece of truth back to the world.
In an era often characterized by information overload and uncertainty, we are committed to restoring clarity, authenticity, and wisdom to the forefront.

We understand that truth is multifaceted, and it can be found in ancient teachings, personal experiences, and the collective wisdom of humanity. Through our work, we aim to promote a deeper connection with truth鈥攂oth within ourselves and in the world around us.


& Michael

With a lifelong dedication, I have thrown myself into the refinement of physical coordination and body control through martial arts and undconditioned self-discipline since a young age. Driven by an insatiable thirst for mastery, my journey took me on an extraordinary path, traveling through Korea and Vietnam searching for the ancient origins of martial arts. As I delved deeper into my training, I recognized the limitations imposed by others and felt compelled to explore the realm of inner arts. This exploration eventually led me to the Wudang mountains in China, where I became a disciple of the respected Wudang Sanfengpai lineage. Through dedication and focus, I furthered my growth through internal arts.

Amidst the strict demands of my training, I sought a counterbalance to nourish my mind. I then began to master the art of photography and cinematography, employing a very structured approach. This artistic activity gave me extreme joy and served as a source of solace, allowing me to capture the captivating beauty that surrounds us. While combat has played a significant role in my journey, it has never been the sole focus. For me, the essence lies in the relentless pursuit of perfection, constantly pushing the boundaries of my capabilities, and breaking down the mental barriers that hinder true freedom. It is this unwavering commitment that fuels my professional path, shaping my approach and guiding me towards excellence.


we're shaping this project, each of us growing through shared learning. Our journey has uncovered connections within the ancient arts that we never realised to be there and has been deepening our understanding.

The result let us to the creation of, a platform to share the knowledge nurtured by generations of seekers and committed practitioners much like you!

Welcome to our little corner of the World Wide Web!

Join us at! should feel like a small corner of the web to relax and explore; leaving behind ads and funnel like traps to engage with content. Stay true to you 鈥 be part of

Thank you for being here!