The principles of Yin and Yang, emphasising balance, coordination, intention, and the understanding of softness within strength are taught through Taiji. Experience the soothing effects of Taiji through a dedicated learning routine in this inner art.

Basic Taiji Movements

Understanding Taiji

Understand basic concepts and underlying principles.


Parting Horse Mane

Basic Movement Practise

Brush Over the Knee

Basic Movement Practise

Single Hand Whip

Basic Movement Practise

Single Hand Push

Basic Movement Practise

Cloud Hands

Basic Movement Practise

Double Hand Push

Basic Movement Practise

Taiji Forms

Taiji 28

太極二十八式 Taiji 28 steps routine.

Taiji 13

太極十三式 The Taiji 13 routine.

Taiji 48

太極四十八式 The Taiji 48 routine

Taiji 108

八卦刀 Giant saber handling and the Giant Saber Bagua Form.

San Feng Taiji Jian

三丰太極劍 Taiji Sword from from Wudang.

Taiji Push Hands

Taiji Push Hands Routine

Taihe Forms

Tai He Quan

太和拳 The Supreme Harmony Form

Tai He Gun

太和棍 The Taihe staff routine. Be sure to understand staff handling.