The Gong Fu Basic Fist, also known as Jīběnquán (基本拳), is the fundamental form of internal Daoist martial arts. This set of techniques includes all the essential positions and transitions to promote internal movement and relaxation. It serves as the basis for further internal studies under today's Wudang Sanfeng lineage system.

Training the Personality

Jibenquan is a simple form, but simplicity is highly valued in Daoist philosophy. The simplest things often hold the most important value, while complex ones can lead people astray if they fail to see the essential things. Even masters of Daoist studies return to their roots to explore their beliefs and perspectives about the internal cosmos. Through practice, we can find answers, and while we may occasionally investigate more complex forms, Jibenquan anchors us to our roots. It is like the earth, giving us the orientation to reach the heavenly realms.

Through diligence and observation, the disciple will find the answers on their way. Jibenquan is always one step ahead and will consistently reward the practitioner with understanding oneself and one's limits.

By developing this form, one's personality will be refined, and the ego will dissolve in an infinite sea of understanding with always a rising sun up on the horizon.

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