The Dragon Sword routine is ideal for beginners as it helps them understand the application of basic stances and fundamental sword handling. For advanced practitioners, performing the Dragon Sword routine is very interesting because it demonstrates their skill with the sword more clearly than other forms involving more complex movements. The Dragon Sword routine stands out due to its simple yet efficient movements, complementing the dedicated efforts in a Gong fu routine.

The Art of Dragon Gongfu
This article explores the Daoist perspective on the experience and views related to the Dragon Style.

Below are four episodes, each demonstrating a complete section. This totals four sections, with detailed instructions and real-time and slow-motion performances for detailed analysis.

If you haven't done so, we recommend you look into the basic handling tutorial first.

Wudang Sword Handling Basics
Hold the sword with respect and intention. Feel its weight and balance, and let it shape your movements. Through practice, one will develop strength, agility, and precision.

We will integrate the basic steps from the tutorial step by step into the Long Hua Jian form and combine them into a graceful routine.

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