Bagua Circle Walking Neigong is a unique technique that accentuates deep breathing, intention, and systematic movement. It's an example of the philosophy and principles underlying internal art, showcasing the harmony between mind and body. It is not just about cultivating a balanced mind but also about improving physiological functions and increasing resistance against external factors.

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This article assumes that you are already familiar with the Bagua system.
If not, follow the link below, before you proceed!

Comprehensive Guide to the Bagua System
Explore the world of Bagua, where eight trigrams symbolise a humble balance of Yin and Yang, each representing a unique facet of existence. Discover their connections to the elemental forces of Wuxing.

The Breathing

Deep abdominal breathing is fundamental to practices like Bagua, as breathing influences our entire physiological system. The diaphragm's movements during breathing assists in returning blood to the heart, facilitates digestion and affects the kidneys. Impaired breathing can negatively impact internal organ functionality, while controlled and slow breathing, under ten breaths per minute, regulates blood pressure and enhances lung capacity.

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