The character Hún, Ethereal Soul, is formed with two radicals - to the left, Yún, the cloud, and on the right,  Guǐ, translating into ghost, demon, spirit. This combination of characteristics suggests that the Hun resembles a ghost or the spirit of someone who has passed away. But it's important to note here that it possesses a Yang nature, meaning it embodies positivity and light rather than negativity and darkness. As a result, it does not pose any threat or exhibit any harmful intentions, thereby distinguishing itself from the category of malicious spirits.

The ethereal Soul represents the spiritual vitality, the subtle aspect of awareness/conscience, and the psychic life of a person, which is associated with Heaven, and therefore, the movement, the activity, the warmth, and the yáng. The Ethereal Soul is described as the coming and going of the Mind.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Ethereal Soul is the movement, and this is defined as what comes and goes (时起时落, Shí Qǐ Shí Luò). It is referred to as the movement of ideas, projects, plans, hopes, an indication of a person towards others, or the direction of the Soul outside the body during the oneiric activity, a movement back and forth in their connection with the spirit of the heart. This movement is physical and spiritual, as the Ethereal Soul is constantly in motion, seeking to connect with others and the world around it. It is a force that drives individuals to seek new experiences and explore new possibilities. The movement of the Ethereal Soul is not limited to the physical realm. Still, it extends beyond it, allowing individuals to connect with the divine and experience a more profound sense of meaning and purpose in life.

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