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Wuxing - Understanding the Five Elements
The key concept of Wǔ Xíng, meaning five phases, captures the essence of movement and changes among the fundamental elements. Like we learned in the theory of Yin and Yang, Daoists hold a firm belief that everything in the physical and non-physical universe finds its manifestation through the ceaseless motion

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Wudang Wuxing Qigong Tutorial
The Five Animals Practice Originating from the Wudang mountains, a significant centre for traditional Chinese martial arts and Daoist philosophies, Wudang Wuxing Qi Gong is an integral component of China’s longstanding health and spiritual practices. Based on the Wuxing or Five Phases concept—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—this

Premium Therapy Incense Subscription

We went to Nepal and met a community committed to the ritual of scent and the art of handcrafting premium incense!

So, we thought to ourselves, why not share the long tradition of incense with you?

This handcrafted incense is undeniably distinct from others. The reason behind its sublime and superior effects is a deep cultivation process rooted in nature and tradition. We want to support the villagers we met and the women crafting incense with power and good intentions.

Monthly Premium Therapy Incense Subscription
We went to Nepal and met a community committed to the ritual of scent and the art of handcrafting premium incense! So, we thought to ourselves, why not share the long tradition of incense with you?

Shipping this month:

🪵 Sandalwood Nepali Rope Incense

Sandalwood rope incense, with its rich blend of herbs and resins, promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction, creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation and introspection. Its aromatic fragrance elevates mood, enhances focus, and facilitates a sense of inner peace and tranquillity. (35 ropes with ceramic holder)

🌿 Valerian Smoke Therapy Box

Valerian incense is celebrated for its soothing properties, offering a sanctuary of calm and purity. Known for aiding relaxation and enhancing mental clarity, the aroma of Valerian incense diminishes stress and anxiety, guiding you towards a serene state of mind and fostering inner peace. (30 pieces with wooden lotus holder)

🌼 Jasmine from the Natura Himalayan Flower Series

Jasmine incense is priced for its uplifting and soothing essence, creating an ambience of relaxation and positive energy. Its sweet, floral scent enhances mood, reduces stress, and promotes a sense of harmony and well-being, making it ideal for relaxation, meditation, and enriching spiritual practices. The aromatic embrace of jasmine incense invites tranquillity, nurtures a peaceful state of mind, and fosters an environment of serenity and joy. (15 pieces)

📿 Mandala Series - Tibetan Monastery Incense

A blend of 55 precious Himalayan herbs with juniper wood found in higher altitude regions of Tibet and the plain of Nepal. It is a handmade incense that follows the key instructions of Renowned Herb masters, which helps to give the smell, pleasure, and aroma of a monastery. (44 pieces - 2 hours burning time)

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