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Step in where old stories meet new ideas. Experience learning not just as a cerebral task but also as a visual treat that captivates the senses. Keep up with our latest posts and learn about a wide range of interesting topics. Learn with both your eyes and mind in a fun way. Best of all? It's all free. Come hang out with us at Sage Blue on Discord!

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Members with of the Sage.Scholar Tier has exclusive access to a dedicated section for personalized coaching on their uploaded videos. Get insightful feedback by submitting your videos – the invitation for your exclusive access is a little further below on this page!

Our channel might initially seem to have a huge variety of topics and discussions, but be assured that every thread, post, and image is carefully woven with intention. It's a thoughtful journey we move on together, connecting infinite threads of wisdom, creativity, and community.

Let's weave this Word Wide Web together!

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Personal Coaching for our Scholars

In the personal coaching area, you can ask for help or a review. We will answer you with a detailed video message explaining movements and helping you correct your posture. You will also receive suggestions on what to focus on to deepen your practise! For the best viewing experience, especially for longer videos, we suggest uploading them to YouTube in the highest resolution. Make sure the video is set to 'unlisted' to keep it hidden from the public.

Remember: During our Founding phase (until June2024) the Sage.Founder plan equals the Sage.Scholar plan. Joining the Founder plan will forever save you the extremely reduced rate of 8.90USD/month!

To us, building an engaged community isn't just a goal; it's at the heart of everything we do. At Sage Blue, every member, every chat, and every shared thought adds value, making our group more vibrant and meaningful.

We believe that when people truly engage, real connections are forged. These bonds turn a simple online space into a thriving hub of ideas, discussions, and friendships. It's these genuine interactions that make our community shine and stand out.

Your presence and active participation make all the difference. So, when you join Sage Blue on Discord, you're not just joining a group — you're becoming a vital part of our shared journey. Your voice, insights, and experiences are what we treasure most.

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